4 March 2013

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The Anatomy of Counterinsurgency Warfare

"The economic means of power are difficult to use in insurgency warfare because of the presence of insurgents among the civilian population. Sanctions will hit civilians to a larger degree than the insurgents, since the insurgents can optimise their own situation by the use of weapons and thereby worsen civilian suffering. On the other hand, insurgency warfare is basically about obtaining the favour of the civilian population, so economic support will often be a very powerful tool – but only if this support is provided as early as possible in the conflict. This means that the counterinsurgents can not wait until the armoured conflict has been won. The counterinsurgents must act proactively as soon as thesecurity situation allows. The longer they wait, the more difficult it will be for the military to maintain the necessary security. As a consequence, there is a far greater risk to the civilian population, and to those civilians who deliver economic and civilian relief." -- The Anatomy of Counterinsurgency Warfare, Royal Danish Defence College.



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