Preparing for a NATO level Operational Medicine Response for Humanitarian Catastrophe in Syria.


24 October 2012 - Updated 20 February 2013

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Humanitarian Medical Security Strike Teams (HMSST)

Before UN Security Council permission is granted to enter a country, Humanitarian Medical Security Strike Teams (HMSST) represent a rapid response capability to provide access to operational medicine, facilitate transport of medical supplies and provide security for associated operations in complex humanitarian emergencies.

Source: Syria Crisis: Horrific Scenes In Al Qusayr Field Hospital: Huffington Post, 24 October 2012.

Abandoned for 24 months, [1] with 100,000 dead, civilians in the Failed State of Syria [2] has focused crisis discussions on humanitarian emergencies that are beyond the capacity of the United Nations, Non-Governmental and Relief Organizations.


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  3. Emergencies By Country: Reliefweb Interactive Map. Our starting point for Global Contingency Planning and Risk Analysis - Global threats proportional to humanitarian needs landscape.


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